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More than 500 years ago Christopher Columbus set foot on this authentic island, with long white sand beaches and Caribbean turquoise water. San Salvador Island, renamed by Club Med Columbus Island is still the same jewel of the Bahamas archipel dedicated to the conquest of new pleasures

Some of the best dives of the Bahamas on the walls surrounding the Island favorite place for Hammerheads, groupers and turtle. You will enjoy great dives for all level on 25 plus preserved sites of a protected Marine Area.

Enjoy the surroundings of the Village of Columbus Isle to discover the beauty and cultural richness of the region during your stay in the Bahamas.

- Tour of the island of San Salvador by boat
- Landfall Park, the most official place in San Salvador where 4 steles stand: a monument dedicated to the 1968 Olympic Games, a monument to Christopher Columbus, a stele offered by the Spanish government to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery , A plaque donated by the Japanese government, which in 1992 built a replica of the Santa Maria
- The monument of Father Schreiner, a religious who became famous for having given his Spanish name to the island in 1926.




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